About Us


Brand Concept: Inner Chic Never Ends.


About MellowJ

MellowJ is an e-commerce platform for high cost-effective and selective goods. It selects high-quality, cost-effective clothing and daily necessities for users with insight into the needs of consumers, helping them easily create their unique, comfortable life with a small amount of money and time.


The DNA of MellowJ

The name MellowJ is derived from MellowJudy, which means a mature and lovely girl. 

MellowJ is positioned in the mid-to-high-end market, with in-depth insight into the quality life needs of our target user group. It not only pays attention to the external appearance of each products, but also to the connotation of quality. It continuously meets the increasing pursue of quality lifestyle of users and provides users with well- selected products.


The Original Aspiration of MellowJ

Fast fashion is changing rapidly, only the inner chic will never go out of style. MellowJ advocate sustainable fashion and emphasize on the needs of quality life. Each product is carefully selected, including fabric selection, design concept, special craftsmanship, comprehensive quality and user cost performance. MellowJ also cooperates with many original designer brands to provide mid-to-high-end products for daily commuting, parties, outdoor sports, banquets and other scenarios for different users.


We value user experience, care about each choice of users. We focus on the fit of design and actual scene, and provide excellent products and continuously upgraded original designs to meet the unique pursuit of users.